"The Road to Glory: Following in the Footsteps of the Great Sacred Road of the Olympic Games"

“The Road to Glory: Following the traces of the majestic sacred road of the Olympic Games”

Gastouni - The old Capital of Ilia

Gastouni is the third most populated town in Elis and was once the capital of the prefecture. It was a very important ag...

Tour of the Principality of Achaia

The Principality of Achaea was a very important Frankish state, with Andravida as its capital.

Tour of the city of Amaliada

Amaliada is the second largest town in Elis, in terms of population and size, and is the capital of the municipality of ...

Tour of Zacharo-Κaiafas Area

Zacharo is famous for its magnificent and pristine beaches, as well as for Kaiafas, and the thermal springs of the area.

Tour of Mountainous Ilia

Mountainous Elis is a very special and different side of the Elis lands.