Kourouta will host the World Raid Championship
A great event was won by Kourouta and the Municipality of Ilida.
The results of the excavations at the ancient Gymnasium of Olympia were presented at an international conference in Chicago.
In the annual meeting organized in January by the Archaeological Institute of America, in Chicago, the Head of the Ephorate of Antiquities of Ilia Dr. Erofili Iris Kollia participated representing the Greek Ministry of Culture.
Carnival of Pyrgos 2024: The 10th best group “Galatians Village”
The city of Pyrgos turns into a Galatian Village this Halloween and the Galatians are coming to Carnival of Pyrgos 2024 with the group 10 " Galatians Village".
Charalampia 2024: "Legends and Stories.."
The Charalampia, the institution performance intertwined with the Lyceum of the Hellenes of Pyrgos in honor of our patron Agios Charalambos, returns after the pandemic, on Sunday, February 11, 2024
Beautifying the "home" of the Lechaina Philharmonic - The concert venue is ready
Last year the Philharmonic Orchestra of Lechena acquired its new "home" in the old warehouses of raisin, with the care of the Municipality of Andravida - Kyllini and with funding from the Region of Western Greece.