POLYGON((21.559791724263818 37.63097864150149,21.66107193666616 37.6282596141356,21.668281714498193 37.59507947131628,21.56528488832632 37.591270962997186,21.559791724263818 37.63097864150149))
List of destinations

Frankish Monastery of Isova

The Frankish monastery of Isova is located near the village of Trypiti in the Municipality of Andritsaina - Krestaina Il...
Trypiti of Ilia, P.C. 27062
2624022529 (Ephorate of Antiquities of Ilia)

Temple of Athena Makistos

Near the current village of Skilloundia, south of the river Alpheios, are the remains of the temple of Athena, dedicated...
26240 22742 - 2624023753 (Ephorate of Antiquities of Ilia)

Acropolis of Platiana

Dominating the homonymous village of the present Municipality of Andritsena - Krestena and crowning with its walls the r...
Platiana of Krestena, P.C. 27062
2624022742 / 2624023753

Acropolis of Samiko

Built in a naturally protected location on the western foothills of Mount Lapitha, the ancient fortification of Samikos ...
Kato Samiko of Ilia, P.C. 27055
2624022742 - 2624023753 (Ephorate of Antiquities of Ilia)