Museum-Castle Chlemoutsi

The Museum of Chlemoutsi Castle takes us back in time, and, more specifically, to the age of knights.
2623095033 (Museum of Chlemoutsi Castle)

Archaeological Site of the Temple of Apollo Epicurius

Built at a high altitude, in the bare and rocky landscape of Basson Figalia in today's Ilia, the temple of Apollo Epicur...
Figalia of Zacharo, P.C. 27061
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Church of Panagia Katholiki

On the western outskirts of Gastouni is Holy Church, Dormition of the Virgin Mary, better known as Panagia Katholiki.
Gastouni of Pinios, P.C. 27300
6937239612, 2623035684 , 2621035055

Monastery of Skafidia

The Monastery of Skafidia is the oldest monastery in Ilia. It is said to have been built during the Byzantine period.
Skafidia of Pyrgos, P.C. 27150

Temple of Olympian Zeus

The majestic temple of Zeus was erected in the prominent spot of Altea, in the heart of the sanctuary of Olympia and it ...
Ancient Olympia P.C. 27065
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Church of Virgin Dormition - Fragavilla Monastery

Fragavilla Monastery adorns the southeast side of Amaliada, in a wonderful green location.
Amaliada of Ilida, P.C. 27200